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Kiwi: MARC 007 is retained although overlay does not contain MARC 007 field



    • eHoldings Sprint 132, eHoldings Sprint 133, Spitfire Sprint 134
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    • Spitfire
    • Kiwi (R3 2021) Hot Fix #2
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    • Approved - 2/16/2022
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      1. This issue exists in Juniper AND Kiwi > https://bugfest-kiwi.folio.ebsco.com/
      2. Find a MARC bib record that contains MARC 007 OR edit a MARC bib record and add MARC 007 field and values
      3. On the instance record go to > Action menu > select Overlay source bibliographic record
      4. In the Overlay modal choose OCLC Worldcat target profile AND enter the OCLC number: 1152029546
      5. Click Import
      6. View source MARC record

      – Note I removed 007 from the MARC data field protection list

      Expected outcome: Overlay should override all fields AND MARC 007 should not display on the source MARC record OR when you edit quickMARC

      Actual outcome: MARC 007 is retained when you view source MARC record OR when you edit quickMARC


      Test cases:

      1. Change testing - https://foliotest.testrail.io/index.php?/cases/view/350446
      2. Regression testing - current set of smoke tests related with quickmarc editor
        1. C10950 Edit and save a MARC record in quickMARC
        2. C10950 Edit and save a MARC record in quickMARC
        3. C10924 Add a field to a record using quickMARC
        4. C10928 Delete a field(s) from a record in quickMARC
        5. C10957 Attempt to delete a required field
        6. C10951 Add a 5XX field to a marc record in quickMARC
        7. C345388 Derive a MARC bib record

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