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Static match on Holdings permanent location does not work KIWI BF



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      Overview: Previously worked (MODDICORE-98), but not working on Kiwi Bugfest

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into Kiwi bugfest as abreaux/admin
      2. File T931767UpdateStatic-Create.mrc was loaded to create Instance and Holdings, using profile T931767 Create instance and holdings (file attached)
        • Holdings was created with Permanent location UC/HP/Online/FullText (UC/HP/Online/FullText)
        • Changed location to Perkins Stacks (DUL-PERK-PK2) so that I would have different name and code values
        • Then exported that MARC record from FOLIO, so that I had the HRID in the 001 field. File is T931767UpdateStatic-Update.mrc (attached)
      3. Then created job profile A-M test static match update with
        • Primary match MARC 001 to Instance HRID
        • Secondary match Static match of text to Holdings permanent location (Match profile T931767Holdings Loc static match)
          • Try static values of Perkins Stacks (DUL-PERK-PK2)
          • Also try static value of Perkins Stacks
          • Also try static value of (DUL-PERK-PK2)
        • Action (if match) Update the holdings record
          • related field mapping profile had a couple updates to the Statistical code and Call number
      4. Imported the attached file and applied the job profile T931767Update Holdings Static Loc Match
      5. Then viewed the holdings record to see if updates were made

      Expected Results: Job profile should have matched on the Instance HRID and then the static Permanent location (using any of the 3 location constructions: Location, or Location (Location code), or Location code), and then made the Holdings record updates

      Actual Results: The update import never finished. I eventually failed them manually.

      Additional Information: See attached MARC file, plus other details in linked TestRail

      TestRail: Results


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