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Overlaying with single record import creates duplicate control fields on Juniper bugfest - LOTUS



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      See details and many comments in the original issue MODDICORE-200

      Overview: MARC Bib control fields (005, 006, 007, 008) are being duplicated when the SRS MARC Bibs record is overlaid/updated via Inventory Single Record Import or via Data Import. quickMARC is not affected

      Current Workaround: do not include the 005, 006, 007, 008 control fields as protected fields in Data Import settings

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into Juniper bugfest (abreaux/admin)
      2. Go to Inventory and search for HRID ak00005006874
      3. Display the instance detail screen and select Actions/View Source
      4. Note how many 005, 006, 007, and 008 fields there are in the MARC record
      5. Then close View source and select Actions/Overlay
      6. In the Single record import pop-up, select OCLC WorldCat and enter 36865429 as the identifier
      7. Once the record has been updated, select Actions/View source
      8. Check to see if there are multiple 005s, 006s, 007s, 008s


      • The same bug is seen when an existing Instance is updated with a regular Data Import profile (e.g. job profile 001-001 marc match smoke test
      • This only happens in Juniper Bugfest (with the Hotfix 3 changes), not in any Juniper environment with HF 1 and 2, and not in Kiwi

      Expected Results:
      The existing record is replaced with the OCLC record

      Actual Results:
      005, 006, 007, and 008 from the previous record are retained resulting in double fields

      Additional Juniper records that can be used for reproducing and testing:
      (HRID is first, then the OCLC number)
      ak00005007612 42980246
      in7023981 42980246
      ins00007267522 42980246
      ak00005007664 43311780
      ins00007267543 43311780
      in7022003 43311780
      in8779566 43311780
      ak00005507053 36485985
      ak00005003633 36485985
      ak00005275045 36485985
      ak00005007101 42668854
      in7022076 42668854
      ins00007266968 42668854

      Interested parties:

      charlotte abreaux kgambrell

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