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Data import matches to first possible location in list instead of exact location



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      Cornell has location codes with the convention of the building followed by a more specific location when a more specific location exists. For instance we have a code of "olin" and a code of "olin, ils". When the incoming record specifies "olin", data import will instead match to "olin,ils" if "olin,ils" comes first in the location accepted values json for the tenant mapping profiles.

      Built in both Iris bugfest and Juniper bugfest.
      Both job profiles are named MODDATAIMP-493. All action and field mapping profiles also start with MDDATAIMP-493
      Create instance has no additional mappings
      Create holdings has permanent location = 852$b
      Create item has material type = book, permanent loan type = can circulate, status = Available, Temporary location = 852$b

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into Iris Bugfest or Juniper Bugfest
      2. Import the file named Cornell_locations_USE.mrc
      3. Assign job profile MODDATAIMP-493 and run the job
      4. Check the log and the resulting holdings and items

      Expected Results:

      • Records 1 and 6 in the file should have created a Holdings with Permanent location = olin,another and Item with temporary location of olin,another
      • Records 2 and 4 in the file should have created a Holdings with Permanent location = olin and Item with temporary location of olin
      • Records 3 and 5 in the file should have created a Holdings with Permanent location = olin,ils and Item with temporary location of olin,ils

      Actual Results:
      None of them created properly. 4 of them failed location lookups (for olin,another and olin,ils). The 2 that appeared to complete successfully assigned the incorrect location based on looking up the first 4 characters of the 852$b (olin) instead of an exact match.

      I thought we fixed this in MODDICORE-127. Did it somehow revert?

      Additional Information:
      See attached videos. Original Cornell file is also attached and marked DO NOT USE, since it has many more records in it.

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