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Location code-Loan type assignment problems



    • Folijet Sprint 111, Folijet Sprint 112
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    • R1 2021 Bug Fix
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      Overview: Add details from Leeda's Slack; Raegan confirmed that it's also occurring in MSU's tenant, for locations and loan types. When 2 location codes have the same beginning string, sometimes the wrong one is assigned during import, e.g. if one code is DUL-PERKN-POC and the other is DUL-PERKN-POCP

      Current workaround: For location codes, enclose the code in the MARC subfield in parentheses. For loan types, make the loan type names more unique.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. See the attached video
      2. Log into FOLIO-snapshot as diku_admin
      3. In Settings/Tenant/Location setup, create an institution, campus, library, and couple locations as shown on the video, one for DUL-PERKN-PKE and one for DUL-PERKN-PK
      4. Create 2 field mapping profiles, and attach them to corresponding action profiles
        • Create instance
          • Pick a catalog date
          • Pick an instance status
        • Create holdings
          • Permanent location = 049$a
      5. Create a job profile with no match and only 2 actions
        • Create instance
        • Create holdings
        • Import the attached file
        • Go to Inventory and check the Permanent location in the holdings that was created

      Expected Results: Permanent location should match the location code in the 049$a

      Actual Results: Permanent location assigned to the holdings has a code that begins with the location code in 049$a, but may have additional letters or numbers

      Additional Information: See attached video, MARC file, and list of some of Duke's location codes

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