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001 and 003 not being mapped to 035 during data import - DRAFT



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      5 Colleges


      Overview: I wanted to test the following scenario. 5 Colleges is migrated some of their batch loaded records into FOLIO where there are the MARC SRS, FOLIO instances, holdings, and items. In Aleph, our match point is a combination of a load code along with either a vendor or OCLC number. This alphanumeric unique match point goes into the 035 9_. This does mean that our MARC records used to batch load these eresources are invalid. My test was to use the secret button to load only FOLIO instances and the MARC SRS because this doesn't care about the 035 9_. Then, I wanted to use my corrected file where the 035 9_ has been changed to 035 _ _ to match on the existing MARC SRS 035 9 _ to the incoming 035 _ _ and update the MARC SRS, create holdings and items.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      • Log into bugfest Honeysuckle: https://bugfest-honeysuckle.folio.ebsco.com/
      • Go to Data Import
      • Use the secret button to load the file uwbfl202007.mrc.
      • Check the log to ensure that the MARC SRS has the 035 9_ and that there are no holdings/items.
      • Go to Settings
      • Create a field mapping for items and holdings, and instances. At this point, it doesn't matter really what information goes where as long as the holdings and items are created
      • Create an action for instances, holdings, items
      • Create a modify action for MARC SRS (this is to update the MARC SRS so that the whole record is updated. Alternatively you could just fix the 035 9_ so that it is 035 _ _
      • Create a match point: incoming 035 _ _ to existing MARC SRS 035 9 _
      • Create job profile
      • Go back to Data Import and run the file you just ran but that now has the 035 _ _ instead of the 035 9_
      • Upload file and run the job profile you just created
      • Check results

      Expected Results:
      139 records should all have a MARC SRS, FOLIO instance, holdings, and items
      The MARC SRS should have a 035 _ _
      The MARC SRS should also have moved the 001 and 003 to a 035.

      Actual Results:
      None of this happened.

      Additional Information:
      I believe the secret button should move the 001 and 003 to the 035. Now these records do have a "\" sometimes after the OCLC number in the 001. Could this be the issue?

      Interested parties:
      Ann-Marie Breaux

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