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MARC Modify-Edit-Find/Replace mapping has a bug when values are not at the beginning of the subfield - DRAFT



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      Overview: User is importing a MARC record that needs a Modify-Edit-Find/Replace modification. Works fine if the Find/Replace value is at the beginning (of the subfield? of the first subfield? not sure which), but does not work if the value is embedded in the text of a subfield.

      Current workaround: Manual edits via quickMARC after SRS and Instance is created

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into FOLIO-snapshot-load as diku_admin
      2. Go to Settings/Data Import/Field mapping profiles
      3. Create field mapping profile
        • Name: Modify illegal aliens
        • Incoming record type: MARC Bib
        • FOLIO record type: MARC Bib
        • Field mappings for MARC: Modifications
        • One modification row
          • Action: Edit
          • Field: 650
          • Ind 1: *
          • Ind 2: *
          • Subfield: *
          • Subaction: Replace
          • Find: Illegal aliens
          • Replace with: Undocumented peoples
      4. Create an action profile
        • Name: Modify illegal aliens
        • Action: Modify
        • Record type: MARC bibliographic
        • And attach the field mapping profile you just created
      5. Create another field mapping profile
        • Name: Create instance
        • Incoming record type: MARC bib
        • FOLIO record type: Instance
        • Cataloged date: ###TODAY###
        • Pick an Instance status from the dropdown menu
      6. Create another action profile
        • Name: Create instance
        • Action: Create
        • FOLIO record type: Instance
        • And link the instance field mapping profile you just created
      7. Create a job profile
        • Name: Replace illegal aliens 1
        • No match profile
        • Add action: Modify illegal aliens
        • Add action: Create instance
        • Import the attached file, assign the above job profile, and run the job
        • Once the import finishes, check the Instance subjects and the MARC 650 fields to confirm that all occurrences of "Illegal aliens" has been replaced with "Undocumented peoples"

      Expected Results: Every occurrence of the words "Illegal aliens" should be replaced by "Undocumented peoples", no matter which subfield, and where in that subfield they appear

      Actual Results: It is replaced properly when "Illegal aliens" is at the beginning of the subfield. It is not replaced properly when "Illegal aliens" is not at the beginning of the subfield

      Additional Information: See attached video and MARC file

      This is Scenario 3 from UIDATIMP-490, where the UI work was done:

      • Given the above Create/Edit screen
      • When the user selects the Edit modification and Replace subaction
      • And the user enters a Field in column 3 (other than LDR, 006, 007, 008) and Find/Replace data strings in column 8, and leaves asterisks in columns 4-6 (In 1, In 2, Subfield)
      • Then consider that a valid Edit action
      • And when the action is carried out, inspect any occurrences of that field in any record in the incoming file, regardless of indicators or subfields, and replace the first data string with the second data string in whichever subfield it is in. Leave any other data in the subfield as-is, and do not change any subfields or indicators in the existing field.

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