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Match on Holdings/Item UUIDs and update is not working



    • Folijet Sprint 102
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    • Q3 2020 Bug Fix


      Overview: We added matches by Instance, Holdings, and Item UUIDs in Q3 2020. The Bugfest tests tries to match on each UUID, and then update the Instance, Holdings, and Item. The instance updated properly, but not the holdings or item. Not sure if there is a problem with the way the profile is constructed, or if it is something else.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into Honeysuckle Bugfest as abreaux/admin
      2. Go to Data Import
      3. Upload the attached file TestUUIDsRev.mrc which has the Instance UUID in 901$a, the Holdings UUID in $b, and the Item ID in 903$a
      4. Select the job profile A-M match UUIDs and update and run the import job
      5. Once completed, go to Inventory and search HRID ak00005508811
      6. Check to see if the Instance, Holdings, and Item were updated properly

      Expected Results: The 3 UUID match profiles in the job profile should work, and all 3 inventory record types updated

      Actual Results: The Instance UUID match and update worked, but the Holdings and Items match and update did not seem to work

      Additional Information: See attached video

      Note Please doublecheck the job profile and its components to be sure it was set up properly

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