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Cannot view details of a job profile in Orchid Bugfest (Poppy)



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    • Folijet
    • Poppy (R2 2023)
    • MI State University/Library of Michigan, University of Chicago
    • Implementation coding issue
    • Orchid (R1 2023), Nolana (R3 2022)



      Overview: After creating a complicated job profile in Orchid Bugfest, user is unable to view the details of that job profile in the UI

      Current workaround: None

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into Orchid Bugfest
      2. Go to https://bugfest-orchid.int.aws.folio.org/settings/data-import/job-profiles/view/92284042-246e-4258-aa5d-72b00e06f756?sort=name
      3. View the details of the job profile in the Overview section of the profile in the 3rd pane

      Expected Results: Job profile details display

      Actual Results: Three dots display, and the profile never displays

      Additional Information:

      • Another user tried to retrieve the profile via API. The call went for over 7 minutes and then timed out
      • Michigan State has also experienced this on a Nolana environment

      Interested parties: christie jenncolt lf103

      Developer comments

      • From Kateryna Senchenko: The reason for the profile not displaying details is that it uses "mirror" association - something like Match A has a sub-match 1, that has a sub-match 2, Match B has a sub-match 2, that has a sub-match 1. We construct associations between profile 1-on-1, and end up with two associations - sub-match 1 to sub-match 2, and sub-match 2 to sub-match 1. Therefore, details are not loading, as we are trying to construct them forever until run out of disc space.
      • In scope of this ticket we added validation to prevent saving such associations in scope of one profile. This change is small, not risky and can be back-ported. Existing profiles will have to be corrected manually though (if that is not a common problem, let's discuss on our sync up).
      • As a long term, MODDICONV-310 will solve this problem - all types of associations will be allowed. But that will be available only since Poppy.

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