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Import stops if profiles were incorrectly set-up - DRAFT



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      Overview: Missing warning messages and the processing of the case when import was initiated with profiles that are configured wrongly


      A MARC file was imported using the "Default - Create instance and SRS MARC Bib" job profile

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into FOLIO-snapshot as diku_admin or a user with import permissions
      2. Create field mapping profile with "Incoming record type: MARC Bibliographic" and "FOLIO record type: Instance"
      3. Create an action profile with "Action: Modify" and "FOLIO record type: MARC Bibliographic"
      4. Attach a field mapping profile from Step2 to the action profile from Step3
      5. Create a match profile MARC Bib to MARC Bib with comparing of 001 field
      6. Create a job profile and attach all of the previously created profiles to it
      7. Start an import using a valid MARC file
      8. Wait till the import is finished

      Actual Results: the job is displayed under the "Running" section on the "Data import" page. No errors or warning messages are displayed to a user

      Expected Results: An error message should be displayed because the action profile has wrong configuration in it

      Additional Information: reproduced on snapshot-load env.


      KS: Let's start with adding validation when profile is created (linked mapping and action profiles). Approach to overall error handling will be designed in scope of another story

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