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Create default EDIFACT field mapping profiles, part 1



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      Folijet Sprint 107
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      R1 2021


      Purpose: For the primary vendors supplying EDIFACT invoices, default field mapping profiles will be supplied in the Data Import settings. Individual libraries will need to update these default profiles with library specific data. They may duplicate the profiles if multiple versions are needed for the same vendor. And they may delete the profiles if they are not needed.

      As a staff person working with EDIFACT invoices
      I want to have default profiles for my main vendors, but be able to edit them as necessary for my library's specific details
      So that I do not have to start from scratch for each EDIFACT profile

      Part 1 (MODDICONV-164) will be 1 default profile, for GOBI. After signoff from the librarians, Part 2 (MODDICONV-165) will include 3 more default profiles (for EBSCO, Harrassowitz, and WT Cox). Part 3 (MODDICONV-166) will include 8 more default profiles (for Amalivre, Casalini, CNPIEC, Coutts, Erasmus, Hein, Midwest, Nardi)


      1. Scenario 1
      2. Scenario 2
        • Given the Settings/Data Import/Field mapping profiles
        • When working with any of the system-supplied default EDIFACT field mapping profiles
        • Then allow the user to edit, duplicate, or delete it, as with any other field mapping profile. Do not place any restrictions on the profile
      3. Scenario 3
        • Given the default GOBI EDIFACT invoice field mapping profile
        • When a user edits it
        • Then update the "Updated by" metadata from System to the User's name

      Talk with Ann-Marie about testing. If possible, test the default profile with the attached invoice. See MODDATAIMP-364 Note that additional mappings (e.g. vendor) will be needed to test, plus some orders created for linking to the invoice. Then the POLs in the invoice will need to be updated to match the newly-created FOLIO POLs.

      Would a user's updates to the default profiles get replaced during a migration/upgrade? Per Oleksii, No

      Per Oleksii, cannot be tested until all the EDIFACT MOD stories are done, which should be middle sprint 108 at the earliest

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