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Create default OCLC Update Instance profile



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      Purpose: To create a default "OCLC Update Instance" profile that can be used during OCLC single record import in Inventory

      As a staff person importing individual records from OCLC
      I want a default "Update Instance" profile
      So that the system can import the OCLC record, update the instance, and create or update the SRS MARC

      NOTE: In the future, there may be multiple "update" OCLC profiles that a user can select from. For now, there will be only one.


      1. Scenario 1
        • Given the OCLC Single record import option in Inventory
        • When the user selects to update an existing instance
        • Then the OCLC record should be imported using a default job profile supplied by Data Import
          • Job profile name: OCLC Update Instance
          • Match profile: Instance UUID (the import will be triggered by an action from the existing instance, so we will have the instance UUID, but it will not be in the incoming OCLC record)
          • Action profile: Update instance
          • Field mapping profile: blank instance field mapping (the same as is used in the secret button)
          • If SRS MARC Bib does not yet exist:
            • Create the MARC Bib in SRS, link to existing Instance, and update the Instance according to the default MARC-Instance map
          • If SRS MARC Bib already exists:
            • Action profile : Update SRS MARC Bib (which also automatically updates the related Instance)
            • Field mapping profile: Update SRS MARC Bib; include all MARC field protections, with none of them overridden

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