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Cannot use the secret button to import MARC bibs and create instances



    • EPAM BatchLoader Sprint 40
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      In the Texas A&M environment, after update to Fameflower, cannot use the secret button to load MARC Bibs and create instances.

      • Some feeling that it may be tied to loading sample data or not. TAMU will rebuild using sample data and see if that corrects it.
      • Also may be related to Edelweiss/Fameflower migration issues for data import modules, which may be fixed after the data migration hotfixes are released. Retest after the hotfixes before working on this bug.

      More background from hismith, plus see additional comments below.
      I re-ran the the attempt this morning and my SysAdmin and I captured a bunch of error data for you. I will upload it here after the message. I don't know much about Java, but in reading the error log from data import converter storage, I see that it fails in trying to create a snapshot for Profile 22fafcc3-f582-493d-88b0-3c538480cd83; that's the uuid I referenced above to what I think of as the "hidden" profile, the one that exists in the database but doesn't show up in the UI. I still think that your initial response was correct, that somehow that hidden profile is being used in Q1 in ways it wasn't used before, and because we didn't load sample data we didn't get that profile and the "hidden button" won't work. Also, note the screen prints in the word document – the first one refers to an undefined property of jobProfileName; the 2nd one shows the line/column number where the error appears in the code – and that column points to "e.jobProfileInfo.name".

      In the meantime, we are going to take another step. The SysAdmin, Jason Root, is going to try to reload data import and its dependent modules for the tamu instance WITH sample data. If he does that successfully and data import works after that reload, then I think we've proved the point. I mean, can you tell me that in the hosted reference environments people are getting this to work even without loading sample data on creating the environment?

      A little later: Jason reloaded data import and several of its dependent modules WITH sample data and now data import works in the tamu tenant. So there has to be something in that sample data, I would think, that should be identified as reference data rather than sample, because the data import hidden button doesn't work without it. If you want more technical specs on exactly what was reloaded and how, I will have Jason send them to you.

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