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Fix Match and Action Profiles relations in Job Profiles stub data



    • EPAM BatchLoader Sprint 36
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      It is required to check and change Job Profiles stub data to assign the proper Match relation types (reactTo) to all the Match Profiles and Action Profiles in each Job Profile children list according to a renewed stub data document.

      Here is the sample data spreadsheet for Job profiles: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1tC5kdpUiHkMpfo-DbyRDfsavNKw1L4dOOv0s7SqAz1E/edit#gid=677615130

      Some notes

      • See the blue rows, e.g. row 20. The blue rows indicate whether the action is reacting to a match, non-match, or there is no match in the job profile.
        • If reacting to a match, the actions will be indented under the match, in the match or non-match section, as appropriate
        • If n/a (no match), there are only actions in the job profile, and they will all be at the root level. See sample 1 for an example of this.
      • The sequence of the actions within the job profile is important. For example, we don't want to be creating an item before the related holdings is created. In live FOLIO, they are not always in the correct sequence. Please resequence them to match the spreadsheet.
      • Sample 5 has a submatch. You have to scroll down to row 53 to see the submatch, and then an action indented under the submatch.

      If any questions, please check with Ann-Marie

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