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Adding MARC modifications to imports with update actions creates broken records



    • Folijet
    • Quesnelia (R1 2024)
    • !!!ALL!!!, Cornell
    • Requirements change
    • Poppy (R2 2023), Orchid (R1 2023), Nolana (R3 2022), Morning Glory (R2 2022), Lotus (R1 2022)


      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into Morning Glory bugfest
      2. Go to inventory and select import using the "OCLC with MARC modifications" option and import OCLC number 31934425
      3. The record should import successfully and the title will have received an obvious MARC modification
      4. Attempt to overlay the same record with the same OCLC number.

      Expected Results:

      Overlaying the record works. The MARC is modified as described in the profile and the instance and SRS are updated.

      Actual Results:

      The instance is not updated. A modified SRS record is created but still has the original OCLC 001 and 003. QuickMARC will not work on the record.

      Additional Information:
      URL:  Update profile: https://bugfest-mg.int.aws.folio.org/settings/data-import/job-profiles/view/1c351fa4-d578-434f-a02a-7ff46af16f06?query=single&sort=name

      An example of an instance with this issue: https://bugfest-mg.int.aws.folio.org/inventory/view/53e28701-dccc-49be-a01d-9adaa15f4cb6?query=neuromancer&sort=title&xidtype=0dd718cf-a09a-4f1c-be6a-0cf0de58b424

      Job profiles

      BE Notes:

      • First Modify action saves the record in SRS, subsequent Match on MARC Bib in SRS returns multiple match error, because it finds not only the original record, but also the one that was just saved.
      • During modify action post-processing an attempt appears to change instance hrid because of incoming record doesn't contain actual instance hrid in 001
        that causes error on instance update.

      Note for QAs:
      When this bug is fixed, create a new TestRail for modification, followed by match, followed by update action, as outlined in the repro steps above. Then unlink this Jira from TestRail C350914

      TestRail: Results


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