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Lotus Bugfest: Updating Authority records via Data import causes errors



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    • Lotus (R1 2022) Bug Fix
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      Precondition: The .mrc file must include MARC authority record(s) that already exist in bugfest environment. The .mrc file may include records that do not exist and data import will create authority records that do not match IF you use the job profile described in the below steps. Make sure .mrc file contains 010 $a for matches.

      1. Go to Data import app. Choose .mrc file that contains MARC authority records to be updated in FOLIO upon import Expected result: Goes to Job Profiles page
      2. Select the job profile: Update MARC authority records - 010 $a OR create your own job profile to update MARC authority records Expected result: Default - Update MARC authority records - 010 $a detail record displays in third pane
      3. Under detail record Actions menu > Select Run > Are you sure you want to run this job? modal displays and hit Run button on modal Expected result: Return to Logs page
      4. Wait for import to complete. Once import is complete then new row will display on Logs profile
      5. Go to MARC authority app. Search for any of the records you just updated via data import. Expected result: Any record you updated via data import should be available
      6. On results list, click on a record you updated with import Expected result: View source should show that the MARC authority record was updated

      Expected outcome: Successful import all records are updated 

      Actual outcome: Job returns Completed with errors - See these jobs but it seems all the records are updated 




      This job states records were discarded because of multiple matches. 



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          4. UAT_2022_08_100_changed.mrc
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