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Acq unit in invoice field mapping profile causes import to complete with errors



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    • R2 2021 Hot Fix #3
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    • Hotfix approved on Slack release-bug-triage channel 27 Sept 2021
    • MI State University/Library of Michigan
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      Overview: Acquisitions Unit is a value that can be assigned in the Invoice field mapping profile. A user who belongs to that Acquisitions Unit should be able to import an EDIFACT file and create an invoice, using the job profile that contains that field mapping profile. Instead, any time a value for field mapping profile is included, the import job completes with errors

      Current workaround: Omit the acq unit from the field mapping profile, and manually add it once the imported invoice is available in the Invoices app

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into FOLIO-snapshot-load as diku_admin
      2. Go to Settings/Acquisitions Units
      3. Click on the main Acq unit to view its details
      4. Click the Assigned users accordion
      5. Click Assign users
      6. When the user search opens, search for diku_admin
      7. Select that user and Save
      8. Confirm that diku_admin is an assigned user for the main acquisitions unit
      9. Go to Settings/Data Import/Field mapping profile
      10. Find the Default - GOBI monograph invoice profile and duplicate it
      11. Make the following changes on the duplicated profile:
        • Name: GOBI invoice - Acq Units
        • Remove the description
        • Acquisitions units: select main from the dropdown list
        • Batch group: Select FOLIO from the dropdown list
        • Lock total amount: change the mapping to MOA+86[2]
        • Vendor name: look up GOBI and assign it
        • Payment method: Select a value from the dropdown list
        • Save the profile
      12. Create a new Action profile:
        • Name: GOBI invoice - Acq Units
        • Action: Create
        • FOLIO record type: Invoice
        • Link the above field mapping profile to it
      13. Create a new Job profile
        • Name: GOBI invoice - Acq Units
        • Accepted data type: EDIFACT
        • Click the plus sign and add the action profile you just created
      14. Go to Data Import
      15. Upload the attached EDIFACT file EDIFACT_Firm_Invoice.edi and assign the job profile you just created
      16. Once imported, check How the job completed in the log summary on the data import landing page
      17. Then go to the Invoices app, and search for invoice 19353

      Expected Results:
      1. The invoice import should complete without errors
      2. Invoice 19353 should show in the Invoices app, and should have main assigned as the Acquisitions unit

      Actual Results:
      1. The job completes with errors, and all invoice lines are discarded. There's a separate issue with the Import JSON for Invoices (UIDATIMP-1010), but I've attached the error message from Juniper Bugfest
      2. Since all invoice lines are discarded, the invoice is not created in the Invoices app

      Additional Information: See attached video, screenshot, and sample EDIFACT file to import

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