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Cannot import EDIFACT invoices - Iris env



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      Overview: Michigan State is unable to import EDIFACT invoices from Harrassowitz. The import stalls and never completes, When stopped by a user, the failed job shows no errors in the log. We tried several edits to the field mapping profile to see if we could correct the issue, but were unable.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into Michigan State's sandbox env as Ann-Marie (contact Ann-Marie for username and password)
      2. Import the attached invoice 20210816130502.edi using the MSU Harrassowitz serials invoice - Test AMB job profile
        • Note: there's a human-readable version of the invoice also attached: 20210816130502.docx

      Expected Results: Invoice imports and creates invoice 246816 with 8 invoice lines

      Actual Results: Import never completes

      Additional Information:

      • Tried modifying the field mapping profile MSU Harrassowitz serials invoice - Test AMB in several ways
        • Confirmed that the user was in the Michigan State University Acquisitions unit
        • Removed the Acquisition unit mapping
        • Removed the subscription start/end dates
        • Replaced the Currency mapping with "USD" default
      • Tried reproducing on folio-snapshot-load, but invoices are not loading there either
      • They are able to import invoices using the Test Harrassowitz Monograph invoice job profile
      • List of recent failed imports attached. cgodfrey can pull logs if needed (mod-invoice, mod-sourman, mod-source)

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