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EDIFACT invoice completes with errors



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      Overview: EDIFACT invoice import Completes with errors. Cannot figure out the problem. I'm not seeing any issue with the file or the field mapping profile.

      Current workaround: Manual keying

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into Michigan State's test env as abreaux (get URL and logon from abreaux)
      2. Go to Data Import
      3. Upload the attached HarrassowitzTest.edi file
      4. Assign job profile Test Harrassowitz Monograph Invoice and import the file
      5. Check the log and the invoice app to see if the invoice was created

      Expected Results: Invoice is imported and matches to POL 11050-1

      Actual Results: It completed with errors, no invoice was created, and no log details

      Additional Information: See attached logs from cgodfrey.

      Things that we already checked:

      • Field mapping profile, action profile, job profile
      • Importer is a member of the relevant Acq Unit
      • FOLIO POL has the same number as the Invoice line in the EDIFACT file
      • Batch group
      • Changed the currency mapping to "USD" to see if that made a difference

      Other things to consider:

      • A permissions issue?
      • Does any field mapping need a qualifier? Recheck all to make sure we didn't miss anything
      • Review the logs. If additional config or log info needed, contact cgodfrey

      Misc: One import failed silently. That had to do with the file extension, and will be fixed as part of MODDATAIMP-472

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