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EDIFACT files with txt file extensions do not import



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      Lotus R1 2022


      Overview: When an EDIFACT invoice file has a txt file extension (which is not in the list of default file extensions), then it cannot be imported

      Current workaround: Change the invoice file extension to .edi or .inv before uploading the file

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into FOLIO-snapshot-load as diku_admin
      2. Go to Organizations
      3. Create a new Organization by clicking New
        • Name: WS Hein
        • Code: Hein
        • Accounting code: [any numbers you want]
        • Organization status: Active
        • Check the Vendor box
        • Save the newly-created vendor
      4. Go to Settings/Data Import/Field mapping profile
      5. Find the Default - Hein serials invoice field mapping profile
      6. Go to Actions/Duplicate
      7. Update the new field mapping profile as follows (leave the existing mapping info unless change or addition is described below)
        • Name: Import Hein Serials Invoice
        • Description: Delete all the existing text
        • Batch group: "FOLIO"
        • Vendor name: use the vendor lookup to find and select Hein
        • Accounting code: keep whatever accounting code was defaulted when you selected Hein
        • Payment method: "EFT"
        • Currency: Delete existing info and select "USD" from the dropdown menu
        • Save the updated profile
      8. Go to Action profiles and create a new profile
        • Name: Import Hein subscription invoice
        • Action: Create
        • FOLIO record type: Invoice
        • Link the field mapping profile to it and save
      9. Go to Job profiles and create a new profile
        • Name: Import Hein Subscription Invoice
        • Accepted data type: EDIFACT
        • Click + and select Action
        • Find the action profile you just created and attach to the job profile
      10. Now you have an EDIFACT invoice job profile
      11. Go to Data import and upload the attached file that has a file extension of ".txt" (lower-case
      12. In the Select job profile screen, select the Hein invoice job profile and run it

      Expected Results: Since .txt is not a file extension setting in the Data Import settings, all job profiles (MARC and EDIFACT) should display, The user should be able to select the Hein job profile and import the invoice.

      Actual Results: The file with ".txt" does not import

      NOTE: When fixed, also test an EDIFACT file with a different file extension that is not in the file extension settings (e.g. .money) to confirm that *any file extension not listed in the settings can be imported as EDIFACT

      Additional Information: See attached 274812_WSHEIN_STO.txt file

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