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SPIKE: Allow POL or Vendor Ref Number match to trigger updates for related Instance, Holdings, Item(s), and SRS MARC



    • Folijet Sprint 127
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    • Spitfire
    • Morning Glory (R2 2022)


      Changed this to a spike to evaluate the extent of effort involved

      May need to make this a separate feature

      1. Add POL as match option for instance, holdings, items - UI and MOD work
      2. Also add Vendor ref numbers as match options for instance, holdings, items - UI and MOD work

      If POL/Vendor ref matches to 1 instance, holdings, item - then update based on that match
      If POL/Vendor ref matches to 0 or multiple instances, holdings, item - stop, unless a submatch narrows it to 1

      Question for SMEs for UI - include matches for

      • Orders: Related POL
      • Orders: Related Vendor reference number
      • Orders: Related POL or Vendor reference number (in case it's not clear whether the matchpoint is in the POL or VRN field of the POL)

      Thunderjet grooming:

      • Instance, Holdings do not store POL info; they retrieve it from the Orders app
      • Item stores POL info, but it does not surface in the Item UI
      • Instance and Item have a reference to POL in their schema, but not clear if it gets filled in and maintained; A-M to check with Prokopovych
      • Item knows which piece it is associated with
      • To match on VRN, look up the VRN in Orders, find the POL, and then use the POL to find the correct instance, holdings, item
      • A-M go through the receiving flow and how it's handled with DI
      • A-M schedule meeting with Prokopovych to review also

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