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First import after an environment refresh is slow



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      Overview: When the hosted reference environments are rebuilt, the first import is always slow, even if it is a small file and a simple job profile. Users might notice it for their first import after upgrading to a new release, but that will not be very often. We notice it more in the hosted reference environments since they are refreshed every day. The slowdown only seems to affect the first import in the new environment, not subsequent ones.

      Current workaround: Wait

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into FOLIO-snapshot or snapshot-load as diku_admin
      2. Go to Data Import and make sure that there are no Import logs in the list
      3. Click View all, and make sure that there are no Import logs on the View all page (that way you know the environment has not yet had any imports at all)
      4. Go to the Data Import home page
      5. Upload a small MARC file
      6. Select the default profile: Default - Create Instance and SRS MARC Bib
      7. Click Run and confirm
      8. Wait

      Expected Results: If the file is small, the file name and number of records should show up as a card in the "Running" section of the landing page. Then the import should complete within a few more seconds, and the file disappears from the "Running" area and shows as an entry in the log in the second pane of the landing page

      Actual Results: It takes over a minute for the first import. Second import of a similar sized file takes only seconds. In the past, the first imported file was not slow, so I'm not sure what has changed.

      Additional Information: See attached video

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