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Import to Create Instance Holdings Item stalls



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      Overview: Simple import to create instance, holdings, and item stalls/never finishes

      Current workaround: None

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into FOLIO-snapshot-load as diku_admin
      2. Go to Settings/Data import and create the following profiles (If you look at it today, you can use the HRID Check or Test job profiles)
        1. Field mapping profile: Create instance:
          1. Cat date = ###TODAY###
          2. Status = "Batch loaded" (from dropdown)
        2. Field mapping profile: Create holdings
          1. Holdings type = "Monograph" (from dropdown)
          2. Permanent location = "Main Library (KU/CC/DI/M)" (from dropdown)
        3. Field mapping profile: Create item
          1. Material type = "book" (from dropdown)
          2. Permanent loan type = "Can circulate" (from dropdown"
          3. Status = "Available" (from dropdown)
        4. Create action profiles for Create Instance, Holdings, and Item, and link to the above field mapping profiles
        5. Create job profile
          1. No match profile
          2. Action profile 1: Create Instance
          3. Action profile 2: Create holdings
          4. Action profile 3: Create item
      3. Go to Data Import
      4. Upload a small MARC file
      5. Wait

      Expected Results: Import finishes, with SRS MARC, instance, holdings, and item created

      Actual Results: Import never finishes. When I cancel the jobs and review the logs, they indicate that the SRS MARC and Instance were created, but no other record types. When I look in Inventory, sometimes the holdings has been created, but never the item.

      This is a super-simple job profile and definitely worked in the past. Not sure what is causing the problem now.

      Additional Information: See attached videos

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