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Record import - embedded 999ff$i is ignored



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      Multiple imports with same value for internalIdentifier always results in a record being created.

      Expected result: record to be replaced/updated for same value.

      The copycat profile has internalEmbedPath = 999ff$i

      Reproduce with the attached script.

      Before the script can be executed mod-copycat must be running for some tenant. Requires curl and jq tools.

      Adjust H (host for system) and possibly others.

      First import:

      modcpct-10.sh import

      You might have to wait a bit for the system to propagate events.. it could take 1 second , it could take an hour..

      To query the record that we expected to import, use

      modcpct-10.sh query

      This returns 404. Expected result : 1 record. The one we just inserted or updated.

      The imported record has "anger" in the title.. TO query all records with anger, use:

      modcpct-10.sh anger

      If import is repeated again.. The number of "anger" records increase. Expected result: number of anger records to only increase by 1 (first time).

      This all seems to indicate a problem that our 999ff$i item is just not used for matching.

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