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Member user created by administrator from the same member tenant can not log in



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      "Admin" user created in Member tenant exists

      "Test" user was created by "Admin" user in Member tenant (enter existing email address you have access to)

      "Admin" user is logged in Member tenant with the following permissions:

      • Users: Can assign and unassign permissions to users
      • Users: Can create new user
      • Users: Can delete user profile if user does not have any open transactions
      • Users: Can edit user profile
      • Users: Create/reset password

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Go to "Users" app => Open "Test" user details pane
      2. Click "Actions" button on "Test" user details pane => select "Edit" option
      3. Click "Send reset password email" link below "Folio password" label in "Extended information" accordion
      4. Click "Copy link" button in appeared "Reset password email sent" popup
      5. Open separate browser page and paste copied link in address bar => press "Enter" keyboard button
      6. Enter the same password for "Test" user in "New Password" and "Confirm Password" fields on appeared "Choose a password" page => click "Set password" button
      7. Click "Continue to FOLIO" button on appeared "Congratulations!" page
      8. Enter "Test" user login (username) and password created in Step #6 in appropriate fields on appeared "Log in" page =>Click "Log in" button

      Expected result: "Test" user is logged in successfully

      Actual result: "This FOLIO account cannot be located. Please contact your FOLIO systems administrator." error message appears below "Log in" button, "Test" user is not logged in

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