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Preview of records changed populated on Users app incorrectly when file is not modified



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      User uploads file with records identifiers => Download the matched records but does not make any changes=> Does Bulk Edit and the preview of records changed is populated with all those records despite the fact that they have not been changed.
      When User use this file for second time the Preview of records changed works as expected
      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into folio-snapshot
      2. Navigate to the Bulk Edit app
      3. Select "Users" 
      4. Select "Users barcodes" from  "Record identifier" dropdown 
      5. Upload a .csv file with valid users barcodes
      6. Once Preview with matched records is populated click "Actions" menu => "Download matched records (CSV)"
      7. Do not modify the file with Users records 
      8. In the" Actions menu" click "Start bulk edit (CSV)" option
      9. Upload the  file with Users records that was not modified
      10. Check the preview of records changed
      11. Use the same file for Bulk Edit once more
      12. Repeat steps 3-10

      Expected Results:

      10. The preview of records changed is not populated

      10. The Errors accordion is populated with "No changes needed" reason
      Actual Results:

      10. The preview of records changed is populated with records that wasn't changed
      Additional Information:
      The problem is inconsistent, if User use a file for balk edit  with identifiers that were uploaded for the first time to be changed, then all the entries are marked as changed even if no changes were applied.
      But if the downloaded file contains records which have already been updated before, then the bulk edit works correctly and these identifiers fill in the errors as "No changes needed"
      magdaz the issue is reproduced for Users In-app approach also not reproducible after arch changes
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