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Errors when selecting Loan details from circulation log



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      We are seeing a lot of errors when clicking on the ellipses (…) for a transaction in the circulation log. Most, if not all, of these errors occur when selecting the “Loan details” option from the ellipses. Most other details requests, such as user details, notice policy, live version of template, fee/fine details generally complete successfully.

      For loanId 477b6adf-654b-49a4-877e-8043c9755a7a, we can’t successfully load the loan details from ANY of the circulation log transactions associated with that loan. Please see the attachments labeled 477b6adf-654b-49a4-877e-8043c9755a7a_.txt. Note that one of these reports the error “SEVERE: loadDbSchema loadDbSchema(): Table audit_loan NOT FOUND”. *Yet the audit_loan table exists and contains the data for that loan.

      I researched a specific loan in the circulation log, one for an item I currently have checked out. I requested the Loan details from each line in the circulation log for that loan, id = ‘b3f0facb-46af-44bc-bf75-d7a9c807934f’. Some of the requests were successful, but most were not. The results are recorded in the spreadsheet circulation_log_display_errors.xlsx.

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          1. 477b6adf-654b-49a4-877e-8043c9755a7a_1.txt
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            Anne L. Highsmith
          2. 477b6adf-654b-49a4-877e-8043c9755a7a_okapi_request_log.txt
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            Anne L. Highsmith
          3. circulation_log_display_errors.xlsx
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            Anne L. Highsmith
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            Alex Mozolev

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