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Incomplete anonymization in Circulation log



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      Overview: Anonymizing a loan in Circulation log does not anonymize all aspects of the loan. For example, it will anonymize the action related to checking in an item, but not checking out the item.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into FOLIO snapshot
      2. Go to inventory and click Items
      3. Filter items by Status, selecting Available
      4. Select an available title and copy the barcode
      5. Go to Check out
      6. Use the patron lookup to select an active user to check the item out to (remember their name)
      7. Paste the barcode into the barcode box in Check out and click enter
      8. Go to Check in and paste the item barcode in and select enter
      9. Go to Circ log
      10. Filter by item barcode
      11. Scroll to the right and click the ellipses then click user details
      12. Open the User record
      13. Expand the Loans section
      14. Click on Closed loan
      15. Select anonymize all loans
      16. Go to Circ Log
      17. Filter on item barcode

      Expected Results: All circ actions related to this loan are anonymized
      Actual Results: Only some circ actions associated with an item are anonymized (See video below)

      Interested parties: lisams

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