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Generate Simplified MARC bib record based on Inventory Instance record



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      In order to interface with external services the libraries must be able to represent their collection in MARC Bib records. In FOLIO, only inventory records that were imported into the system using data-import will have underlying MARC records stored in source record storage (SRS). For the instances that were entered directly into FOLIO inventory and don't have underlying MARC records we will need to generate them on the fly. The generated MARC Bib records will not be stored.


      • Given: An inventory instance returned by the request made to /inventory-storage/instances/ {UUID}
      • When the Instance to MARC mapping is available
      • Then instance data is represented in MARC bib format similar to currently returned by /source-storage/records/ {id}

        (please see attached examples)

      Acceptance criteria:

      • All populated instance fields that are listed in the mapping file are represented in the generated MARC bib record.


      • I see this as a part of a separate service that after this user story is completed would have an endpoint with GET method implemented. After providing instance uuid, the response would contain formatted MARC Bib record. This, however, might be implemented in any other way that the development team finds appropriate. The functionality will need to be accessible to other functional areas (exports, oai-mph, and possibly others)
      • It is important that the response format is similar to source-storage/records response as the functionality that would consume this data will interact with both record sources (inventory instance and SRS) so we would like to eliminate the need for additional data parsing.
      • abreaux's presentation "Introduction to MARC": https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yI5RR_1TjSFy7Ka44aSHWUSIJJyjP0yjN8MKGV19tlI
        The last slide contains the link to the recording of the session
      • Library of Congress information what is MARC record: http://www.loc.gov/marc/umb/um01to06.html

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