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POC: Export records using CQL



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      When the user uploads a CQL , we need to fetch all the matching records from Inventory and then generate the marc records. There are a couple of ways in which this can be done, this POC is aimed at answering the below questions

      Things that need to be considered
      1. Fetching records from Inventory?
      Approach 1: using the CQL fetch all the records that match a query and while paging , the export process can be done(there by preventing multiple calls to inventory)
      Approach 2: Get all the UUIDs that match the query store it in a file/DB and the process for export can re-use the current flow(this may introduce a slight delay)
      or any other approach can be explored. Explore which way would be better for handling exports

      2. How can we show progress bar: With current issues around , inventory failing to show the correct record count, we cannot show the progress bar correctly.?
      Approach 1: To limit number of records that we allow to be exported by CQL - 1000/10K
      Approach 2: we keep incrementing the exported field count as and when we read another set of records. We need to consider how this affects UI.- this would be a preferred approach by the libraries

      3. Reading the CQL: Can we sanitize the CQL? what if the cql sent is a *?
      4. Determine the file extension that we can support.

      Acceptance Criteria

      • Above questions are answered
      • The POC is done, and the decision is documented.

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