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Generate MARC bib record - Identifiers part III - appending subfields



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      FOLIO inventory storage instance contains fields that are represented by keys and those will need to be replaced by their values when generating MARC bib record on the fly. In many cases, which field in MARC record will be populated depends on the value of the key. For identifiers, depending on its type the different MARC Bib record field will be populated. Each inventory instance has a list of identifiers associated with it and it is an array of identifier value and identifier type id.


      1. Invalid ISBN - 020$z (both indicators blank)
        If the record already contains 020 $a (ISBN) the $z subfield should be appended
      2. Invalid ISSN - 022$z (both indicators blank)
        If the record already contains 022 $a (ISSN) the $z subfield should be appended
      3. Linking ISSN - 022$l (both indicators blank)
        If the record already contains 022 with $a or $z subfields, then $l subfield should be appended in correct order
      4. Cancelled GPO Item Number - 074$z both blank
        #If the record already contains 074 $a (GPO Item Number) the $z subfield should be appended

      For the details of the mapping refer to Recommended MARC mapping spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11lGBiPoetHuC3u-onVVLN4Mj5KtVHqJaQe4RqCxgGzo/edit#gid=1166940623 Instance to MARC tab.

      Acceptance criteria:

      1. The generated record is short-lived and generated each time it is requested
      2. The specified identifiers are being correctly mapped according to the mapping document:
      3. The record is saved in .mrc file and contains correctly populated data
      4. Unit tests are written
      5. API tests are written

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