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Generate MARC bib record - 264/publication data



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      The publication related fields will need to mapped to 264 MARC field in accordance with the recommended mapping. For example:

      "publication": [
                "publisher": "Birlinn",
                "place": "Edinburgh",
                "dateOfPublication": "2015",
                "role": "Publication"
      • place is mapped to the subfield $a
      • publisher is mapped to the subfield $b
      • dateOfPublication to the subfield $c
      • The first indicator is set to blank and the second indicator to 1

      So in example above following entry will be created:
      264 1 $a Edinburgh $b Birlinn $c 2015

      Note: We are omitting punctuation as we will set 18 LDR position to c (MDEXP-98)

      The data is formatted consistently with parsedRecord.json

      Acceptance criteria
      1. The generated record is short-lived and generated each time it is requested
      2. The record is saved in .mrc file and contains correctly populated data
      3. If the fields are not populated in the inventory instance record, the fields are not added to the MARC record
      4. If the inventory record has multiple publication entries, each entry will have separate 264 field
      5. Unit tests are written
      6. API tests are written

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