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Generate MARC bib record - 337 $a and 338 $a instanceFormatId - replacing keys with values



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      FOLIO inventory storage instance contains fields that are represented by keys and those will need to be replaced by their values when generating MARC bib record on the fly.

      This user story covers instanceFormatId – the value used to populate 337$a and 338 $a comes from the "name" field in instanceFormat Since this is an array in instance.json so if there are multiple elements each one will have a separate 337/8 $a field.

      The data stored in the name field will need to be split at the "--" into two values. The first part should go into 337 $a and the second part into 338 $a. For example:

            "id": "cb96199a-21fb-4f11-b003-99291d8c9752",
            "name": "microform -- microfilm roll",
            "code": "hj",
            "source": "rdacarrier",
            "metadata": {
              "createdDate": "2020-05-29T03:37:57.601+0000",
              "updatedDate": "2020-05-29T03:37:57.601+0000"

      will generate:

      337 $a microform
      338 $a microfilm roll
      In both fields both indicators are blank.

      Acceptance criteria

      1. The generated record is short-lived and generated each time it is requested
      2. The record is saved in .mrc file and contains 337$a and 338$a field populated with the correct data. If multiple formats are present in the inventory instance record, then there are multiple 337 $a/ 338 $a entries
      3. Both indicators are set to blank
      4. Unit tests are written
      5. API tests are written

      Note: For the MARC record indicator value check: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11lGBiPoetHuC3u-onVVLN4Mj5KtVHqJaQe4RqCxgGzo/edit#gid=1410366280 "Concorde - Instance to MARC 2019" tab

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