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View User List - Single Column List View



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      Purpose: Convert basic User list view from multi-column list view to single column list view (per prototype)

      As a user working with the multi-pane view of the Users app
      I want my User List to display as a single column list
      Because there is not enough space in the pane to display multiple columns

      1. Scenario
        • Given the User List in the middle panel of the Users App
        • When displaying user records
        • Then records should display in a single column as shown in the prototype HOWEVER, please display <LastName>, <FirstName>
      2. Scenario
        • Given the a user record in the User List in the Users App
        • When the <LastName>, <FirstName> is too long to fit in the pane
        • Then truncate in the middle with ellipses CB: This doesn't seem right to me. Follow up with Filip to make sure this is really what he wants. Seems to me the full last name is more important for differentiating the users.
      3. Scenario
        • Given a user's name is truncated in the User List in the Users App
        • When cursor is on hover
        • Then the full <LastName>, <FirstName> displays as rollover text

      Out of scope for this story (will be covered in separate stories):

      • Sort order should be alpha by last name LIBAPP-53
      • Configure data to display, sort order etc by clicking the "..." button
      • View Selected Users LIBAPP-23

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