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Spike - investigate possible file upload vulnerability



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      Several modules provide mechanisms for uploading files to be processed and/or attached to records.  Data import, invoices, etc. are a few examples.  I know in some cases the local storage of the container is used to temporarily store these files.  Care should be taken to ensure that a client isn't able fill up the container storage.

      A recent security audit report (internal to EBSCO) included the following advice:

      To prevent a potential denial of service (DoS) attack in which a threat actor can fill up disk space, recommends implementing server-side checks of the uploaded file’s size, and potentially a quota of size used per user.

      Thunderjet had done some research into limiting file upload sizes a while back (for a related, but different reason).  It's probably worth reviewing what they ended up doing there to see if it's applicable.  See 

      Vert.x: A file upload in Vert.x doesn't automatically create a file on disk. It provides chunks of the file in memory to avoid memory exhaustion: https://vertx.io/docs/vertx-core/java/#_handling_form_file_uploads . For the size limit of multi-part forms see https://vertx.io/docs/vertx-core/java/#_handling_html_forms and RMB-856.

      The purpose of this spike is to do some investigation into which modules are vulnerable, and whether or not we can actually exploit this.

      Acceptance Criteria

      • spike findings are documented
      • stories are created (and tagged w/ security) for addressing the problem in modules identified


      Investigation on modules with upload capabilties

      Module endpoint upload purpose upload file limited JIRA Ticket(s) Inspected Class Note
      mod-agreements /erm/files external license documents, supplementary documents, eResource metadata import (json/kbart) yes   Setting for Grails upload props  
      mod-data-export /data-export/file-definitions record IDs or CQL no  MDEXP-487 DataExportImplFileDefinitionImpl.java  
      mod-data-import /data-import/uploadDefinitions import of bibliografic data as well as finance data no MODDATAIMP-608 DataImportImpl.java  
      mod-erm-usage /erm-usage/files counter reports, non-counter-reports no  MODEUS-139 ErmUsageFilesAPI.java  
      mod-finc-config     no UIFC-262 FincSelectFilesAPI.java
      mod-invoice /invoice/invoices invoice documents yes MODINVOICE-142
      mod-licences /licences/files core documents, supplementary documents yes   Setting for Grails upload props  
      mod-saml-login - Identity Provider Metadata download     SamlClientLoader.java URL is handed over to pac4j with uses org.opensaml.saml.metadata.resolver.MetadataResolver to resolve metadata from an URL
      --> out of scope

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