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SPIKE - Investigate minimal FOLIO platform



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      The Tech Leads group has identified a desire for a minimal platform. That is the minimal set of modules/interfaces required to have a operable FOLIO system that you can log into.

      More details can be found on the wiki .

      Acceptance Criteria

      • Findings are documented on the wiki
      • The decision log page is updated with a link to the findings
      • The set of modules comprising a minimal platform has been identified, validated to provide a working system that satisfies the minimum functionality (defined below)
      • The functionality provided by the minimal platform should allow a user to log-in via the Stripes UI and allow to manage users and permissions. Modules that are not directly involved in providing that functionality should not be part of the minimal platform.
      • Generic UI services like Notes, Tags and Password Validation should be made optional by letting the Stripes UI to omit functionality.
      • Any functionality that belongs to a specific functional unit (e.g service point selection) should be optional.
      • JIRAs have been created for possible actions we can take to slim down the list even more, e.g limiting mod-login's dependency on the inventory APIs, mod-users-bl dependency on the service-points API
        • These JIRAs should be linked to the wiki page created.

      Starter for 10 Module List

      Provided by sosguthorpe might be out of date

      • mod-users
      • mod-configuration
      • mod-permissions
      • mod-login
      • mod-pubsub
      • mod-circulation-storage
      • mod-inventory-storage
      • mod-password-validator
      • mod-authtoken
      • mod-event-config
      • mod-template-engine
      • mod-email
      • mod-sender
      • mod-notify
      • mod-users-bl
      • mod-patron-blocks
      • ui-users

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