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Schedule execution of age to lost processes in hosted reference environments (and vagrant boxes)



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      Implementing organisations need to be able to schedule age to lost and and aged to lost billing processes to run when they choose.They will often choose to run these overnight in order to avoid reduce the load on systems and impact on day to day activities.This capability is needed for the 2021 R1 release.
      The current implementation of these processes uses the okapi _timer interface. They are scheduled to run approximately every 30 minutes.The Okapi _timer interface only allows endpoints to be invoked periodically (e.g. every 2 hours) not according to a specific schedule (e.g. 2am every Tuesday).There are less than 3 weeks of development time remaining for the 2021 R1 release (for platform core modules) and the Core Functional team does not have capacity to make significant changes to this implementation.
      Proposed Short Term Approach
       It is believed that many organisations already have the ability to schedule processes in their operational infrastructure already.

      Hence it has been suggested we use the organisations chosen mechanism for doing this outside of FOLIO. I think this would involve the following development:

      • Removal of the timer interface definition that runs these processes
      • Provision of a new interface that defines endpoints for each of these processes

      Configuration by the hosting provider (including the hosted reference environments) of:

      • a user that has permissions to invoke these processes
      • a scheduled task that logs in as the user and invokes the relevant process

      Organisations will likely need to schedule these processes separately meaning two separate tasks and schedules are likely to be needed.

      New External Endpoints

      • /circulation/scheduled-age-to-lost
      • /circulation/scheduled-age-to-lost-fee-charging

      A preview of the module changes can be found here

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