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Deprecate JDK 8 jenkins-slave-all image



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      Mark the old Java 8 image as deprecated (folio-tools/jenkins-slave-docker/Dockerfile.xenial-java-8).

      Create individual tickets for modules or pipelines still not migrated to the JDK 11 image and block this ticket on them.

      See https://dev.folio.org/faqs/how-to-specify-backend-java-ci/

      Note: The list of upgrades needed for the projects in the linked tickets should be done as soon as possible.

      We requested ages ago that all repositories work toward this. Many were done as part of FOLIO-1772 and more in the lead-up to Q3-2020 FOLREL-405. That dealt with modules that were part of a flower release. Now the remaining projects need to be updated.

      The various technologies that are part of this old build image are out-of-date. Some parts are no longer able to be updated.

      SonarSource, that analyses the source code quality, is requiring newer version of Java. So our projects that use the older version of Java will soon need to stop using Sonar. Facilities will start to break in early-to-mid January and will cease at the beginning of February.

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