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Recruit translators for library-defined policies (controlled vocabularies)



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      Proposed text to translators:

      The development team at Knowledgeware has created a mechanism in FOLIO to translate the controlled vocabulary terms (sometimes called library-defined policies). This mechanism is on Knowledgeware's test server and in the process of being integrated into mainstream FOLIO software. This function adds a "Translation" action to term lists in the FOLIO Settings app. For example:

      The translation of these terms is different from what happens in Lokalise. In Lokalise, the words and phrases are a static part of the code. Knowledgeware's mechanism provides for translations of terms that are part of the configuration of FOLIO. Most of these term lists are supplied as part of a FOLIO installation, but they can be changed to meet the needs of each library.

      Work is underway to provide for the translation permission labels at the locale level. in a coming release of the translation app, the FOLIO tenant administrators will be able to grant permissions to certain users for translating vocabulary terms names for certain locale(s) only.

      Demonstration of the Translation Functionality

      To put the dynamic translation engine into action, let's take a trip with a French translator aiming to translate the Inventory app vocabulary terms names in the “Resource types” instance (schedule) to French. We will login with user “kware01_test” credential since its preferred locale is set to French. (The table of credentials is listed below.)

      Now, let’s go to Settings → Inventory → Resource types (direct link is http://folio-testing.maktabat-guides.com/settings/inventory/resourcetypes and then switch the locale to French.

      We will translate two Resource types policies, namely “computer dataset” and “computer program” to French:
      computer dataset (English) = conjunto de datos informáticos (French)
      computer program (English) = programa de computadora (French)

      Now, press the “Translate” button on the “computer dataset” entry in the Resource types instance.

      After translating and saving the two entries in the Resource types schedule, they will appear in French as shown in the following screenshot:

      Now, let’s go to the Inventory app (Inventaire in French) to see if the two Resource types we just translated to French will appear in French in the Resource types app filters and in the drop-down list within the Inventaire app when you add/ edit an instance record.

      The Inventaire app's Resource types filters show:

      We'll create a new instance in the Inventaire app, then we’ll go directly to the section within the app to see if the two vocabulary terms in the Resource types drop-down list will appear now in French:

      Translators can export the vocabulary term translations as a JSON file for a given app name. You can import this file into any other FOLIO installation with Knowledgeware's dynamic translation engine installed.

      You can export the entire vocabulary terms translation for a Locale via the translation app.

      Request for Translators to Make Translations of Controlled Vocabulary Terms

      Translators are asked to make these translations on the Knowledgeware server. Any of the following FOLIO users' credentials can be used to login to the site and make translations in the current switched to language by the translation user, as shown in the image above.

      • User Name: kware_admin Password: kware_admin Preferred Locale: English (USA)
      • User Name: kware_test Password: kware_test Preferred Locale: Arabic
      • User Name: kware01_test Password: kware01_test Preferred Locale: French
      • User Name: kware02_test Password: kware02_admin Preferred Locale: Chinese
      • User Name: kware03_test Password: kware03_admin Preferred Locale: Spanish

      All users above are given all permissions normally given to the "Superuser" use of FOLIO, with the required permissions to do the translation to any language as well. The only difference between them is that the preferred language for each user is different, simply to demonstrate the preferred language setting feature of the Users-level locales Switcher developed by KnowledgeWare. More details about the Users-level locales Switcher can be found under https://issues.folio.org/browse/UXPROD-510.

      When the Knowledgeware mechanism has been added to the mainstream FOLIO software, any site can upload the translations to their own server using the new Translations app:

      The list of vocabularies that need translation are:











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