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investigate HTTP Response Header injection



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      The application reflects the value of any HTTP headers into the response headers. This may allow an attacker to insert arbitrary code into the response, including additional HTTP head- ers and potentially body content. An attacker can leverage HTTP response header injection to perform cross-site scripting, cross-user defacement, cache poisoning attacks and more. However, due to cross-origin setting of HTTP headers being blocked by the CORS policy, the severity of this finding is set to Medium.

      Steps to verify

      Perform a GET request with with a valid JWT and a set-cookie header and observe the set-cookie header in HTTP response, e.g:

      GET /users?query=%28id%3D%3D%22f5f46a28-d34f-4c8d-9e7f-d88206141d12%22%20or%20id% 3D%3D%22a058f28f-80ac-4994-add6-e4d02fc238fe%22%20or%20id%3D%3D%22e19ae972-63 41-4451-9ca1-1f4aabfc986e%22%29
      query urldecoded: (id=="f5f46a28-d34f-4c8d-9e7f-d88206141d12" or id=="a058f28f-80ac-4994-add6-e4d02fc238fe" or id=="e19ae972-6341-4451-9ca1-1f4aabfc986e")

      Acceptance criteria
      This problem has been addressed in RMB-478 (commit 3ae1e2c, v27.1.2) and OKAPI () but the problem has been reported again during the NCC audit.

      Ensure that:

      • that header reflection via GET no longer works
      • verify that all FOLIO backend modules have been upgraded to RMB with the problem solved (platform-complete) and create tickets in Jira for the modules with issues
      • verify that non-RMB FOLIO backend modules in platform-complete do not allow for header injection – test w X-Okapi header (token, tenant) and a standard header like Set-Cookie
      • review the fix implemented for RMB and Okapi, propose improvements (if any)

      List of Q1 modules: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NvvCq1wTfDeCnd7zHDIzLI7RBfuSr_Ty0tbzYzgEaI8/edit#gid=0

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