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Data Problems from Front-End Record Caching



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      Background: This was reported by bjoern_ubl and annikadomin

      Steps to repro:

      1. Working with two browser sessions simulating the simultaneous work of several colleagues in one system
      2. User A opens a holding view page, User B opens the same holding view page
      3. User A edits this holding (e.g. location)
      4. User A updates the record
      5. User B clicks shortly afterwards on edit

      Actual behavior: User B does not get the latest version of the record, because the form is filled with information from the state of his/her view page.

      Expected behavior: The edit form should load the latest data from the database not from the view cache. Even though it may be unlikely that two colleagues are working on a record at the same time, this behavior leads to an incomprehensible inconsistency of the data. This is unacceptable for productive use.

      Additional info: This behavior was already reported at a UAT for Vendors App months ago and should be discussed urgently in the community! This issue should not be underestimated.

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