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Enable requesting all records to avoid pagination anomalies



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      When a request is made to a module to retrieve data, the results are paginated with a maximum allowable pagination limit of 2147483647 records. For https://issues.folio.org/browse/UXPROD-1128 it is necessary to retrieve all records accurately, and the pagination scheme may result in anomalies due to state changes in between requests (or possibly other reasons). The modules do not document a limit on the total number of records they can store, and PostgreSQL imposes no such limit since it supports unlimited rows in a table. The pagination maximum of 2147483647 is a high limit but it is possible (in theory) that one or more (specialized) modules could reach that number of rows eventually. Having any pagination maximum means a client that needs all records will have to test and maintain a rare edge case and address the pagination anomaly in some way (though it is unclear how). A solution for this problem would be a convention that clients can specify -1 as the pagination limit to indicate that all records are being requested in a single page. The module implementation should handle the request in a single database transaction/query to ensure there are no anomalies due to multiple queries.

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