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Use an IDENTITY columns instead of UUIDs for primary keys



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      I think it would better if the tables in FOLIO used IDENTITY columns instead of UUIDs. I noticed this in the users module, but, it is more of a general issue. In the case of the user module it might not make that much of a difference performance-wise, since the number of users in the system probably won't be that great. However, as a general rule, I think it is not a good idea to use random values as primary keys. The primary key column has a clustered index. Normally, you want the ids in sequential order, or the DBMS may need to shift the rows around upon INSERT. This is probably more of an issue for something like a bibs table where you have millions of rows. But, it would be good if the system used identity columns across the board. An added advantage is that the ids take less space on disk. Also, they are easier to work with in terms of searching. An INT value is easier to type in that a long hexadecimal string. It would also be good if FOLIO upgraded to PostgreSQL 10 which supports identity columns using the standard SQL syntax.

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