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Create API test for EDI invoice import workflow - INTEGRATION



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      Folijet Sprint 124
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    • Release:
      R3 2021 Bug Fix


      • Build Edifact Invoice - to - Invoice mapping profile (see default examples )
      • Build action profile to create Invoice and link to the mapping profile
      • Build Job profile and link the action profile from previous step
      • Import .edi file¬†
      • Verify that invoice was created and is shown in the import job log

      Steps for creating the EDIFACT import job profile
      (This is starting from the default profiles. Let me know if I need to start from the very beginning.)

      1. Go to Settings/Data Import/Field mapping profiles
      2. Click on the Default - GOBI monograph invoice profile to view its details
      3. Click on Actions/Duplicate to create a copy of the profile, and adjust it like this:
        • Name: Test GOBI monograph invoice
        • Delete the Description
        • Batch group: Select one of the values from the dropdown list
        • Lock total amount: Remove what is there and replace with MOA+86[2]
        • Vendor name: Click Organization lookup and search for GOBI, then select the GOBI organization record. That will also fill in the Accounting code field
        • Payment method: Select one of the values from the dropdown list
        • Save the field mapping profile
      4. Go to Action profiles and create a new one
        • Name: Test GOBI monograph invoice
        • Action: Create
        • FOLIO record type: Invoice
        • Click Link profile and select the Test GOBI monograph invoice field mapping profile you just created
        • Save the action profile
      5. Go to Job profile and create a new one
        • Name: Test GOBI monograph invoice
        • Accepted data type: EDIFACT
        • Click + Action
        • Select the Test GOBI monograph invoice action profile
        • Save the new job profile
      6. Upload the attached .edi file (the Word version is just to make it more easily human-readable
      7. Assign the Test GOBI monograph invoice job profile and import the file

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