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mod-data-import: Implement 'Match MARC-to-MARC and update Instances, Holdings, and Items' 3 scenario - INTEGRATION



    • Folijet Sprint 133
    • 3
    • Folijet
    • Lotus R1 2022


      Implement the scenario under data-import project in https://github.com/folio-org/folio-integration-tests

      • Base on FAT-940
      • Build mapping profiles: MARC-to-Instance (Mark the Suppress from discovery, uncheck Staff suppress and Previously held, change the statistical code (PTF3), change status to East Asia recon), MARC-to-Holdings (Only mapped field is Digitization policy, from 300$a. Deletes former holdings ID and replaces it with Holdings ID 3. Same for stat codes - delete and replace with PTF3. Add a new temp location. Add 3 to Shelving title, Prefix, and Suffix. Removes retention policy. Adds another Holdings note), MARC-to-Item (Removes the Item HRID as the item identifier and adds it as the Accession number(902$a); Removes copy number. Adds description of pieces in 300$c. Adds an item note (3). Changes permanent loan type)
      • Build action profiles: Update Instance, Update Holdings, Update Item
      • Link each action profile to the appropriate mapping profile
      • Build match profiles: MARC-to-MARC 001 to 001, MARC-to-Holdings 901a to Holdings HRID, MARC-to-Item 902a to Item HRID
      • Create JobProfile - see attached screenshot for the structure of profile and json 
      • Export just imported data
      • Import exported file with profile created in previous steps
      • Check the log

      Acceptance criteria:
      Undefined scenario is implemented and rans successfully 

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