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Test import EDIFACT file with multiple fields mapping into 1 invoice field with space



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      Create JobPrifile for importing EDIFACT file:

      Go to hosted ref envs and find Default - Harrassowitz serials invoice - replicate the details for Mapping invoice making the following changes:

      • Change the Profile name to Test Harrassowitz invoice with space
      • Delete the description
      • Select a batch group from the dropdown list
      • In the Invoice note field, add RFF+API[2] " " NAD+SU+++[1]
      • For vendor name, click Organization lookup, find the Harrassowitz vendor and select it. Make sure that the Accounting code field is automatically filled in
      • For Payment method, select one from the dropdown list
      • For Currency, delete the mapping and select USD from the dropdown list (if there's multiple currencies in the invoice file, the mapping can be tricky, and we're not trying to test currency in this test)
      • For Description, change the existing mapping from {POL_title}; else IMD+F+050+[4-5] to {POL_title}; else IMD+L+050+[4-5]
      • For PO line number, change the mapping from RFF+SNL[2] to RFF+LI[2]
      • For Subscription info, add IMD+L+085+[4-5] " " IMD+L+086+[4-5]
      • For Subscription start date, add DTM+194[2]
      • For Subscription end date, add DTM+206[2]
      • For Comment, add IMD+L+085+[4-5] " " IMD+L+086+[4-5]

      Import attached file. Once the import has completed, check the cteated Invoice and Invoice line:

      • Invoice should have HARRAS0001118 OTTO HARRASSOWITZ in the Note field
      • Invoice line 1 should have 01.Jan.2021 iss.1 31.Dec.2021 iss.24 in the Subscription info and Comment fields

      See additional details in MODDICORE-199 

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