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Create Karate test for default mapping rule updates



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      Overview: Create Karate end-to-end API test for updating default MARC-to-Instance mapping rules, checking to see that the updates take effect on newly-imported imported MARC bibs, then revert to the default rules, and check to see that the reverted rules take effect on newly-imported MARC bibs

      NOTE: abreaux needs to finalize the steps, default customizations, sample file, and exact steps

      1. Import the attached MARC file Foundation.mrc using the Job profile: Default - Create instance and SRS MARC Bib
      2. Once imported, view the Instance created from the SRS MARC Bib. Note these Instance fields especially:
        • Identifiers
        • Notes
        • Subject headings
      3. Default MARC Bib-to-Instance mapping rules: https://github.com/folio-org/mod-source-record-manager/blob/master/mod-source-record-manager-server/src/main/resources/rules/marc_bib_rules.json
      4. Make the following changes to the default mapping rules via the default rules endpoint (there's no UI way to do this, only API) , using the details from https://github.com/folio-org/mod-source-record-manager/blob/master/RuleProcessorApi.md
        • Change the mapping for 020$zq from Identifier type Invalid ISBN to Identifier type Invalid ISMN
        • Change the mapping for 504 field from Note type Bibliography Note to Note type General note
        • Remove the mapping for the 655 field
        • Add a mapping for 690$az to Subject heading
      5. Import the same MARC file using the same default job profile
      6. Once imported, check the new Instance to confirm:
        • The identifiers previously mapped as Invalid ISBN are mapped as Invalid ISMN
        • The "Includes bibliographic references..." note that previously had Note type Bibliography note now has Note type General note
        • Subject heading Electronic books no longer appears in the Instance (is in the MARC 655 field)
        • Subject heading Engineering collection. United States. appears in the Instance
      7. Use the default rules endpoint to reset the default mapping rules back to the beginning defaults
      8. Import the same MARC file using the same Job profile
      9. Review the newly-created Instance to confirm the Identifier type, Notes, and Subject headings are all mapped according to the default rules (and match what was in the instance created by the original import)


      • We do not have a manual test for this on TestRail or on Bugfest, because changing the default mapping rules will disrupt many of the other manual Bugfest tests
      • Ignore MARC Holdings & MARC Authorities default mappings for now; eventualy build parallel tests for them

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