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Package/Agreement Comparison Output UI



    • ERM Sprint 92, ERM Sprint 93, ERM Sprint 94
    • Bienenvolk


      For Wireframes see attachments and details in ERM-953

      Comparison output

      The output of a comparison for the user will be a table which has three "header" columns and then one additional column per object (package or agreement) being used to create the comparison and finally a "footer" column which displays a summary of the overlap between the compared objects in terms of the title instance. In the first instance the comparison will be limited to two objects (two packages, two agreements or one agreement and one package), making the table six columns wide in total

      The three header columns will be headed:

      • Title
      • Available via
      • Coverage

      The one footer column will be headed:

      • Overlap

      The additional columns per comparison object will be headed with the following information

      • type of object (package or agreement)
      • date which has been used when calculating the content of the package/agreement in the comparison (using the appropriate date format for the locale)
      • name of the package/agreement

      Cells in the "Title" column will display information related to a TitleInstance. In the cell the following information should be displayed:

      • the "longName" of a title instance (as used in the Agreements Search and Sort Results MCL).

      Cells in the Title column should additionally have an information icon that can be clicked to display full title information including:

      • Type
      • subType (Material Type)
      • identifiers
      • relatedTitle information
      • Material type
      • identifiers

      Cells in the "Available via" column will display information related to a PlatformTitleInstance

      • A Platform name
      • A hyperlink to a PlatformTitleInstance URL

      Cells in the "Coverage" column will typically display information related to a PackageContentItem or Entitlement, but potentially may display coverage from the PlatformTitleInstance or TitleInstance if these are the subject of the comparison.

      • Embargo
      • Coverage

      These cells can use the same layout as is used in the Coverage in the MCLs for the Agreement Line MCL used in Agreements.

      In the columns for the comparison objects (packages or agreements) there will be information on whether that TitleInstance / PlatformTitleInstance / Coverage is included in the package/agreement. This will consist of a visual representation of whether the package/agreement includes that TI / PTI / PCI coverage and will have additional information about the reason for that presence/absence. The information available from this cell should be:

      • Present/Absent
      • If the title has ever been in the package/agreement
      • If available, the date the item joined and left package/agreement (calculated from the PCI access_start / access_end dates and Entitlement active_from / active_to dates)

      The key piece of information is Present/Absent - this should be the priority to calculate & display

      The footer column "Overlap" will contain text indicating if the overlap between the two compared object is:

      • Full === Identical in both objects
      • Partial == the same title instance appears in both objects but with different platform/coverage information
      • None == a title instance that appears in one object but not the other

      The cells in the Overlap column will be coloured based on this value - see ERM-953 for further information on the format of the output in the UI and wireframes.

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