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SPIKE: Investigate eHoldings bulk endpoints and implement if appropriate



    • ERM Sprint 97, ERM Sprint 98


      eHoldings now supports two "bulk lookup" API endpoints - one for resources, one for packages. These endpoints can accept a list of EKB IDs and return details for all relevant resources

      Bulk Package lookup endpoint: https://issues.folio.org/browse/MODKBEKBJ-386
      Bulk Resource lookup endpoint: https://issues.folio.org/browse/MODKBEKBJ-385

      We should identify any scenarios where these new endpoints can be used to save API calls. In particular we should look at whether this can be used to improve the performance of the Agreement display where the Agreement Lines point to EKB resources as this seems the likely place where Agreements often needs to make a request for multiple resources at once and performance could be improved

      The current scenario where a single user interaction currently results in the need to retrieve multiple EKB resources is:

      • Display of an agreement with multiple Agreement Lines linked to EKB resources

      Note that currently the export of an agreement does not directly include Agreement Lines (instead it includes resources from the internal KB which are part of the agreement via agreement lines). If the Agreements Lines were to be added directly to export format, then this would be another scenario where potentially multiple calls would be made to the MODKBEKBJ API endpoints

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