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      Value for user:
      Users can view full details of a PCI on a single screen, and access an Edit screen (see ERM-848) for PCI Coverage

      Roles and restrictions:
      Any user who can view Agreements resources can view the PCI ("Agreements: Search & view e-resources" permission in the UI)
      A new permission "Agreements: Edit e-resources" will be needed to control who can access the Edit screen (and therefore if the Edit option appears from the view screen)

      Workflow / UI expectations:
      This screen should be accessed from the e-resources preview pane by selecting a PCI line in the "Options for acquiring e-resource" MCL on the /erm/eresources/<title instance UUID> screen

      Display in illustrated in attached mockup (undated 29/04 to reflect revisions to agreements for e-resource MCL)

      All information on this screen should be available from a single call for the PCI UUID using the /erm/resource/ endpoint - e.g. There is one exception to this (see below)

      The screen consists of:

      1. At top of display: Information about the PCI (taken from PCI & PTI levels)
      2. Parent package details: Information about the Package to which PCI belongs
      3. Title details: Information about the Title instance which the PCI belongs - this varies depending on the type of resource being described
      4. Coverage: Coverage information from the PCI

      The "Information about the Package to which PCI belongs" is expected to become the new standard layout for Package information the current screen designs in the attached mockup do not fully represent this these will be updated shortly DONE. We expect the same information to be shown here as is shown for packages on the eresource view ui-agreements/src/components/EResourceSections/PackageInfo.js (apart from the heading which is styled differently on the different screens)

      The "Information about the Title instance" is expected to become the new standard layout for information about titles being described in the internal knowledgebase, and we expect this to be the same layout as information currently displayed on the eresource view ui-agreements/src/components/EResourceSections/TitleInfo.js - so happy for these to be unified - but bringing both inline with these new designs (if there are any changes to make here)

      In the "Information about the Title instance" section includes sections for displaying "Related title" information - this is not currently available via a call to /erm/resource/, and display of these may need to wait until ERM-776 is delivered

      Outstanding issues

      • An "Agreements for this e-resource" section to the display - expected to be added to the wireframe Monday 27th April DONE
      • Embargo - expected to be added to the wireframe Monday 27th April DONE

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